Our offer

IT services

We provide IT service at ORLEN petrol stations, franchise and private petrol stations. Find out how we can help you.

IT services

24/7 service support

We offer constant cooperation that reduces the costs of ad hoc services, especially in the event of serious failures stopping the operation of the facility.

We offer:

  • 24/7 service,
  • technical consultancy,
  • purchase, assembly and commissioning of devices,
  • inspections and maintenance, as well as modernization and expansion of existing systems,
  • warranty and post-warranty service,
  • training,
  • integration of IT and automation devices.

In addition, we support:

  • logical and telecommunications networks – we carry out LAN network certification measurements using advanced structured cabling analyzers.
  • guaranteed voltage electrical installations - electrical installations that are designed to protect the IT infrastructure against electrical surges and power outages.
  • fiscal printers – we provide warranty and post-warranty service for fiscal printers, e.g. manufacturers Posnet, Novitus.
  • IT equipment – we sell devices ranging from text printers and barcode scanners to appropriately selected PCs. We maintain and repair computer equipment - including repairs that require specialist knowledge.
  • utility software – we enable software installation and implementation.
  • IT systems for petrol stations – we offer implementations of the McSpal IT system, which enables comprehensive management of petrol station components thanks to cooperation with controllers for dispensers and probes as well as peripheral devices.