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Installation and periodical inspection of POS systems and peripheral devices maintenance

We are experts in dispenser control systems. We install all available systems on the world market. In addition, at the customer's request, we make the configuration in line with expectations.

OPW SITE SENTINEL INTEGRA 3500 Forecourt Controller

It is a universal controller that provides maximum flexibility and reliability. Unlike some competing controllers, the Integra 3500™ is compatible with a wide range of filling station equipment brands, seamlessly integrating with fuel control systems, electronic dispenser counters, tank gauges, POS systems and more to provide comprehensive and extensive reporting of all activities at the petrol station.


  • It offers full compatibility with other petrol station equipment
  • Simultaneous control of distributors of different manufacturers
  • Detailed reports enabling comprehensive management of the petrol station
  • Compatible with the Linux® operating system, which offers TCP/IP communication capabilities
  • Exports real-time distributor and tank indications locally or remotely to BOS software 24/7
  • Remote access via Petro Vend's Help Desk software (TCP/IP)
  • Supports external UPS
  • It allows multiple levels of access to the system for authorized users at local or remote level
  • Provides system diagnostics to alert users of tank indication alarm conditions, real-time inventory reporting, and system errors
  • The software supports the following components:
    • Up to four ECR POS devices
    • Several types of distributors at once:
      • Logitron (HT Pumafit and MPD/HOC-17)
      • Gilbarco (HighLine and EuroLine), Saltzkotten
      • Tokheim
      • Wayne Dresser
      • Adast
      • Nuovo Pignone (LPG)
      • Hoc (HOC-13, HOC-14, HOC-16, EHL)
      • Mechanical distributors controlled by the OPW PCT module
      • Many other
    • Automatic tank level measurement systems:
      • OPW SiteSentinel® I, II, III, Integra 100™ & 500™ and Nano® 
      • Most major competitor gauges
    • Car wash
    • Price tower


A modular system that allows the operation of many types of dispensers. It is based on an integrated microprocessor system equipped with, among others, function buttons and an alphanumeric display. Communication with the controller can take place via a local network. It allows for cooperation with the cash register system, tank monitoring system, price tables or car wash.