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We have an advanced mechanical and electronic workshop and a laboratory. Check how else we can help you.

Automation and measurement laboratory

Our technical facilities enable all kinds of tests of automation devices related to fuel distribution as well as hardware and software of petrol station cash register systems. We invite device suppliers to conduct independent tests of their products.

We offer:

  • Electronic workshop - we renovate and repair electronic modules and components, as well as deal with their diagnostics;
  • Mechanical workshop - we provide services in the field of repair and renovation of flow meters, pumps, guns of all leading manufacturers in Poland and in the world,
  • Repair services, including major repairs of distributors, including post-accident ones,
  • Calibration of measuring probes - we calibrate measuring probes of the largest and most popular producers of tank field automation in the world
  • Initial verification of fuel dispensers - we have three independent stations for checking the quality and quantity of dispensing liquid fuel dispensers. We have measuring flasks with ranges from 2 dm3 to 200 dm3.